Visiting Senior Care Center

3rd Saturday

10:00 AM

June 2020

A Year of Humility

- The church has reopen with with instructions and safety measures in place.


- To practice social distancing and to protect everyone mask will be given.  Also, temps will be taken at the door. 

Going LIVE on Facebook every Sunday 

Second Tuesdays CWC Training @ 6:30pm

Third Saturdays - Nursing Home Visitations

Wednesday Bible Study @ 5:30 pm

Thursday Night Service / Prayer @ 7:00 pm

Dates and times may change. Please check back weekly for updates.


Morning Manna

Prayer Call

9:00 am


Tuesdays & Fridays


Access Code




Tuesdays & Fridays

10:00 am


Morning prayer at Greater Lansing

Prayer is the master key

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